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What exactly is sex that is anal? Taking care of your anal area

What exactly is sex that is anal? Taking care of your anal area

Anal intercourse occurs when a penis or other item is placed in to a partner’s rectum (bum opening or straight back passage). Some people find it very pleasurable and others don’t like any other sexual behaviour. Some individuals are inquisitive it’s not something they are comfortable with about it, and others know.

Exactly How common is anal intercourse?

Guys who possess intercourse with guys: a lot of men who possess intercourse with men (homosexual or bisexual males) have rectal intercourse, but research claims that not all the males that have sex with guys are more comfortable with it, or enjoy sex that is anal. It’s estimated that around 90% of males who’ve intercourse with guys have rectal intercourse.

Females: Some females participate in rectal intercourse either by having a male partner or along with other things. It’s estimated that between 5 to 15percent of 16 to 29 yr old ladies have ever really tried sex that is anal.

Guys that have intercourse with ladies: Some guys enjoy their anus area being stimulated, either with hands, a lips or any other objects.

Even though many people find anal sex enjoyable, it is necessary for you and your partner that you know the risks and how to make sure it is safe and comfortable.

Just How safe is anal intercourse?

Anal intercourse holds the risk that is highest of moving on sexually transmitted infections, accompanied by genital after which dental intercourse. You can’t conceive from anal intercourse.

There are methods you could make anal intercourse safer:


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